Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get licensed? 

A: You take an online pre licensing class to get your insurance license. This class teaches you the basics of insurance. We recommend EXAM FX who has offered us special pricing for $109 for online print only or $169 for video based training for your personal lines license. Click Here for link to sign up. Use discount code: to get the discount.

Q: How can I get licensed during Covid-19 since exam centers are closed?

A: So great news SEVERAL states are allowing temporary insurance licenses. This means you can do the online pre licensing class, get fingerprinted & get a temporary insurance license for 6 months in most states. This is a HUGE opportunity. Click here for link with list of states & their temporary insurance license guidelines.

Q: Do I have to take a test? 

A: Yes you do have to take a test once you complete the online class, under normal circumstances outside of Covid-19. Long term even IF you get a temporary license, you will need to take the in person exam to get your permanent license. Each state has it’s own set of guidelines & requirements but in general you need a 70% to pass. Exam FX also has an EXAM GUARANTEE option that IF you pass their Exam Guarantee test and you don’t pass your state exam the first time, they will refund your licensing costs. Click here for details


Q: How much can I earn doing home & auto insurance sales? 

A: With anything sales/commissions based it really depends on how much you apply yourself & how good your sales ability are. We work with you closely on the skills part. YOU have to provide the AWE (Attitude & Work Ethic). On average, if you help 10 families per month with their home & 2 auto policies based on FLORIDA average pricing you will make $41,000 your first year. We have team members making much more than that & others making less than that. We don’t promise anything other than the opportunity to succeed. YOU have to walk thru that door & put the work in to get there!

We have a Future Compensation Calculator tool for you to use. Click Here!

Q: How long til I get paid? 

A: For the first 90 days we advance commissions WEEKLY on Fridays. That means any policy that is bound (which means insurance application signed by the clients, & paid for by the client).


 The cutoff is Wednesday at 12pm to be paid that Friday for policies bound the prior week and up until Wednesday morning. You also need to make sure you put any policies you bind on the WIN List Google Doc. Ask Joyce for details on this program at

A: Background check- $35 from TransUnion. Onboarding/Marketing Action Plan Meeting- $79. This is where we spend 1-1.5 hours in training with you going thru SMART Goals, Agency Overview, LifeCycle Marketing & Fast Start Action Plan to help you build your business.

Leads/Training & Everything Else



Q: Where can I get info on how to run home & auto proposals?

A: Great question. We are here to help you get started QUICKLY. Like anything else, learning how to do home & auto insurance will take a few tries but with our model & process we are here to help each step of the way. We have a YouTube Training Channel that we recommend you subscribe to as we release new videos frequently. On that site you will see videos on How to quote Auto Insurance with EZ Lynx and How to Quote Homeowner’s Insurance. Click Here for link to YouTube Channel. 

IN addition to that, LeeAnn Dugan, who is our Personal Lines Trainer, holds Live Proposal Training every Thursday at 2pm on Zoom. Click here for link to the Zoom Room. And of course outside of that you can contact our office at 866-INS-0123 to ask for LeeAnn or one of our other Onboarding team members.

Q: How do I get leads? Do you provide leads?

A: We do provide some leads, however, we teach you how to create a primarily referral based business networking & prospecting with centers of influence like realtors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors & more. In our Onboarding training we do a deep dive into marketing & how to generate business, most of the ideas are no cost or very little cost. This is a great business in the sense that everyone NEEDS what we offer & the prospecting pool is very large. AND it’s NOT just all selling to your friends/family.

Q: Where & how do I get training? 

A: We hold weekly trainings every Monday at 10:30am on Zoom. In those meetings we go thru Motivation/Professional Development Training, Sales & Marketing Training, as well as insurance specific training (how to do home, auto, flood, etc). We also have a YouTube training channel with on demand videos, as well as a closed Facebook group where we put all of our trainings, as well as share ideas to grow & succeed.

Q: Can I work remotely? 

A: Absolutely. So long as you are licensed, have a computer, good internet connect & phone you can work anywhere in the world!

Q: Can I do business in other states?

A: Yes you can do business in other states so long as you hold a license for the product you are selling. (IE. Must have a personal lines license to sell home/auto in your state as well as in another state) along with a non-resident license for that state.

Q: Can I build a team IF I want to?

A: Yes, you can build a team & we offer a 15% commission override in year 1 & 7% each year and following to help your team with training, proposals, answering questions, & helping them in general. Note this is only a direct team it’s not a MLM where A recruits B and B recruits C and so on. It’s A to B direct team building but you can have as MANY on your direct team as you wish.

Q: Why do some people succeed in this & others do not? 

A: Great question. Sales is challenging & not everyone makes it. We find that the people who do the best in the industry have great AWE, which stands for Attitude & Work Ethic. You have to work hard, have a good attitude, be a quick learner, & strong communication skills. Ultimately it’s up to YOU to make it happen! We provide all the tools & training & support to help!

Q: How do I get signed up? 

A: You can review our Advisor agreement & sign electronically by clicking here. You can click here to pay the background & onboarding fee by clicking here. You can sign up for our next Onboarding Class on Zoom by clicking here.

Q: Am I considered a 1099 Contractor?

A: Yes you are a 1099 Contractor.

Q: Can I maintain appointments outside of Strategic Insurance for OTHER lines of insurance I’m already selling? 

A: Yes only for life & health insurance and with approval from Agency management. ALL property & casualty insurance is expected to run thru Strategic so that you are not competing against us with another agency in property & casualty insurance.


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