See How Bright Your Future Is Looking With The Future Compensation Calculator

The Future Compensation Calculator is a tool that will allow you to see the potential income you earn selling Insurance on the side. Take a few minutes to plug in some values for monthly premiums and look at the annual commissions and renewal commissions that could be available to you.

For instance, in your first year, if you were able to generate $60,000 of Premiums per month (which breaks down to helping approximately 10 families with their home and auto insurance needs) you over $40,000 in commissions. This would also provide you a renewal commission the next year of nearly $20,000.

Year Premium Per Month Policies per Month Proposals per Day Proposals in Pipeline New Business Goal Renewal Premium Total Premium Goal Agency First Year Commission Agency Renewal Commission Advisor New Business Commission Advisor Renewal Commission Total Yearly Commission


  • 50% New Business Commission
  • 25% Renewal Commission
  • 90% Renewal Retention
  • 30% Closing Ratio – If you run 10 proposals, you are closing 3.
  • 12% Gross Commission to the Agency.


The above example assumes 12% gross commission to the agency, with 50% new business and 25% renewal commission to the advisor at approximately $675,000 new business premium / year or $56,000 per month.

This is for illustration purposes only and in no way constitutes a formal contract, agreement or promise of compensation.


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