Utilize your current network and grow with our Active Professional Sellers Program

Are you a realtor, mortgage broker, financial advisor, CPA or work in another related field? If so, you may have close relationships with clients that ALL need insurance. There is a wonderful opportunity to earn commission for referrals. All you need is to be licensed.

Active Preferred Seller Partner (PSP): A partner that refers insurance products on an active basis.  If an insurance product is not referred for more than a 6 month period than this agreement will be considered inactive and no more commissions will be paid.

We pay 15% new business & 5% renewal JUST for the referral!

You’re likely already referring these clients out, so why not add an additional revenue stream to your practice? This also creates another great connection opportunity with your client that could be a resource for future marketing.

Here’s How It Works

  • You refer the business into our Agency
  • Our licensed & trained Advisors will will work with your referral on the proposal and insurance.
  • We will pay you a commission – We pay on the 5th and 20th of each month once commissions have been deposited by the carrier.

Please note that in order for commissions to be paid, you have to have an insurance license, which can be done online.

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